We are a group of volunteers and paid staff who are devoted to maintaining the memory of WWII US Army armor and armor crew. To this end we obtain and maintain WWII US Army armored vehicles, and restore them to fully working order. We then take them to touring to events where we can display their capabilities as well as the armor tactics of WWII.

We are an educational outfit, first and foremost. We seek to educate the wider public on what it was to be a tank crewman, what they endured, and what they accomplished.

The vehicles and weapons are owned by Rabbi Rob Thomas. The team is a mix of full-time, paid staff and volunteers. All work very hard to keep the vehicles and weapons in full working order. We are historians, first and foremost, and spend considerable time learning about the era, the machines, and the men. We’re happy to share our knowledge, and to learn more!

We attend reenactments as well as educational events. We participate in TV shows and movies. We seek additional opportunities to showcase our vehicles and our team. If you’re in need of armor and educational insight about the same, please reach out to us as described in our Contact Page.

Thank you for visiting WW2ARMOR.ORG!