Potential recruits, now hear this!

To join WW2 Armor is and will remain as difficult as joining some of the military units in which several of us served. It requires an intense level of dedication and selfless teamwork so that we can be safe, render honor to the veterans we represent, and have fun founded on pride.

Those who wish to join WW2 Armor must:

A) Commit to only WW2 Armor, because the safe operation of these vehicles requires dedication.
B) Attend a monthly training and hard-working party.
C) Attend and PASS our Jarhead-level of training.

Not everyone will pass, and those who pass will be assigned to the job that fits the needs of the unit and their initial skills. That means being a buck private on a crew of folks you may not know. What you and they will know is that you’ve been through the same rigorous training, have the same base of skills, have proven you will eagerly pursue and own the lousiest and dirtiest tasks, and thus will coalesce quickly into a team.

Physical Requirements:

1. Must be able to work for 1 hour in 35 pounds of gear.
2. Must be able to walk for 1 mile without issues.
3. Must be able to run short distances with gear.
4. Must be able to move 50 lbs 100 feet.
5. Must be able to Mount/Dismount quickly and safely from vehicles.
6. Must be willing to go clean-shaven and have period appropriate haircut for events.

Prior military experience is welcome but not necessary. Note that prior military experience of any sort, even armor related, will not obviate the need to attend and *PASS* our training.

We take the safety and professionalism that seriously. In this regard we’re extreme; we have no problem with that. We’re not perfect, but we strive to be the best and safest TEAM we can be.

If you believe in being your best, and then stretching even further, and believe no one succeeds without being part of a great team, WW2 Armor may be for you. Reach out to us today.

Applicants to WW2 Armor should contact our recruitment officer, Maj. John Thomas, by sending us an email at